Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is an intricate surgery or an invasive procedure where hair from an affluent area is replaced to fill an area with less or no hair. Since 1950s, the hair transplant surgery has turned out to be a miraculous one. A lot of revolutionary innovations and changes in the techniques have made it more unique.

The first step comprises of cleaning the scalp and applying local anesthesia to make it numb. The second step comprises of two different types of procedure.

  • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

The surgeon will remove a strip of skin with hair spanning 6-10 inches from the backside of your head. This strip will be segmented 500-2000 small grafts containing a single hair strand.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this case, the doctor shaves the backside of your head and diligently extracts follicles. These extracted follicles are then transplanted on the empty or thin-haired zones on your head.

The second step of both the procedure is similar. A small hole is created after numbing the scalp. A follicle graft is then placed delicately in the created holes.

This is how hair transplant is done. Depending on the area to be covered, it takes 4 – 8 hours to complete the surgery.

Different types of hair transplants?

Hair loss and baldness are rampant in the current population. It happens due to various reasons such as heredity, age, hormonal changes, diseases, chemotherapy, lifestyle choices, etc. Getting bald hampers a person’s thinking and social behavior. It has been found that a bald person has less confidence rather than someone wielding a head full of hair. This is where Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub comes into the picture with the best hair transplant solutions to rescue you.

We are the most sophisticated hair transplant clinic in Mumbai to visit and discover the best procedures and regain a full plumage of natural hair on your head.

Different types of hair transplant procedures

Hair transplant is an intricate invasive procedure that involves grafting of hair follicles from the back of your head to the bald zones on your head. As the name suggests, stronger hair follicles are harvested from a particular portion. This particular procedure considers the patient as the donor of hair.

There are different approaches developed in the recent years and perfected over time.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
Hairline Reconstruction
Beard And Mustache Transplant
Eyebrow Reconstruction
Unshaven Hair Transplant
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this particular procedure, the doctor anesthetizes the patient locally in the scalp. The doctor then uses a micro-needle to punch an incision and extract 1-4 hair follicles. This 1-4 hair together is called as follicular unit grafts. Each unit is then taken and inserted in the bald part of head after making a similar kind of incision.


Hairline Reconstruction

As we all know that hairline is the beginning line of your plumage. The hairline recedes due to baldness and hair thinning. Hairline reconstruction is a unique surgical maneuver which enables the patients to advance their hairlines using the conventional hair transplant surgeries. The reconstruction of hairline is the first step. It gives a fuller and denser look.

Beard And Mustache Transplant

A non-uniform beard and mustache mess with your facial attributes. In some cases, patients suffer from trauma, scars, deficiency of hair, traction alopecia, etc. This is an intricate process where hair is transplanted to reconstruct a fuller shape of beard and mustache. This transplant surgery is comparatively different from that hair transplant on head. Beard and mustache hair have different angles and patterns to follow. Only the leading expert of a hair transplant Center in Mumbai can only design the right shape of beard and mustache using his experience. In fact, the natural pattern of the growth can be customized. Same transplant methods are chosen for extraction and grafting of facial hair.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Very few people are blessed with naturally shaped perfect eyebrows. No worries as our experts are well equipped to reconstruct the eyebrows and fill the gaps. Eyebrows need experienced and meticulous hands. The experts graft scalp hair and set it on the eyebrow region to give you a fuller and sharper look. In this case, single hair grafts are preferred to bring more artistic look.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Also termed as undetectable follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant, this procedure is conducted without shaving the scalp of the patient. The donor or the recipient area is not shaved for extracting follicles or grafting them making incision. It reduces downtime and also eliminates detectable features to a huge extent.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

It is a three-step invasive procedure where blood from the patient is extracted for processing. PRP injections contain more plasma and platelet that promote hair growth and strengthen the follicles. These injections are given in the scalp region with less hair.

These are the various types of hair re-growing procedures and hair transplant in Mumbai we perform in our clinic. Contact us for further details.


Advantages of a hair transplant

Hair transplant is a meticulous invasive procedure where your own hair is collected skillfully to transplant it in the bald parts of your head. There are several advantages of hair transplant surgery that you will not find in any other processes.

  • The donor is the receiver which means that the hair quality will be the same. You will not have to worry about incompatibility.
  • The color, tone, and texture of the hair strands will match. This is very important in the restoration of your hair growth and plumage.
  • This invasive procedure is absolutely safe. The process does not involve any harmful chemical other than a local anesthetic. The hair starts growing naturally.
  • Once the entire process is over, the patient needs to follow a few set of rules to take care of the outcome. Within 6 months, the results will be witnessed. Due to the natural growth of transplanted hair follicles, you will be able to resume your hair foliage naturally.
  • No need to use any chemicals, cosmetics or shampoos to maintain thickness.
  • It is a permanent solution for baldness.

Hair transplant offers an excellent way to resume your youth by growing natural hair. Boost your confidence with the aid of our experts.