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Gone are those days when you had to rely on the old-fashioned wigs and toupees. The technology and techniques have developed so much that you can enjoy a Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Mumbai without any painful invasive procedure.

With us, you will discover an impressive way to cover the bald spots with natural hair. Non-surgical hair replacement involves the application of a skin-friendly, extremely light membrane on your scalp. This membrane forms the base of human hair infusion. After a vivid consultation with our experts, the hair color and texture will be matched with your existing plumage. The membrane will be attached to your scalp using skin-compatible bonding material. The base material is almost invisible to the human eye.

During setting the membrane full of human hair, it will be intertwined and woven with the existing hair in order to impart a natural look. The technique is so impressive and lively that it will rejuvenate your looks and youth in a perfectly natural way.

Why wait then? It all starts with a design consultation with our experts. The tailored-fit solutions are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Now you can avail quality solutions with precise workmanship to overcome baldness!


Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the 'donor site', to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'.Since hair naturally grows in groupings of 1 to 4 hairs, current techniques harvest and transplant hair "follicular units" in their natural groupings.
Aesthetic surgery is an essential component of plastic surgery and includes facial and body aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgeons use cosmetic surgical principles in all reconstructive surgical procedures as well as isolated operations to improve overall appearance.
Hair wig/patch is a cap-shaped patch made up of natural hair which is used to cover the bald area. Hair patch is the best and affordable treatment for hair loss. When hair growth is not possible from medicines and a person can't afford to go for hair transplantation, hair wig/patch is the safest and easiest solution.


Non Surgical Hair Replacement is a boon for those who are suffering from male pattern baldness and other hair-fall related anomalies. The major advantages of this procedure are mentioned below.

  • Non invasive procedure
    No surgical process or maneuver is involved in this process. Forget the discomfort of surgical instruments and pain when it involves a simple replacement of human hair on the bald spots. In fact, it also not involves the threats of a hair transplant surgery such as scarring, irritation, infection, non-compatibility of hair follicles, etc.
  • No side effects
    The simple yet innovative hair replacement process has no place for side effects or incompatibility. The use of skin-compatible bonding material also avoids allergic reactions or discomfort.
  • Instant result
    A single consultation is enough to gather knowledge regarding your hair color and texture. You will not have to wait for months to get visible results. Non Surgical Hair Replacement generates results way quicker than any other invasive procedure.
  • Flexibility
    It is not a permanent solution which makes it more flexible. If you want to dye your hair or change your style, you can always go for it.

Consult with our cosmetic experts for a unique and guaranteed solution today!


The prime factor behind the success of a hair replacement venture is to choosing the right venue. At Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub, you will find a turnkey solution for Hair Replacement. The reasons for choosing us the ideal hair solutions are mentioned below.

  • Expert solutions
    Our team of experts covers all the respective grounds of hair transplant. From vivid consultations to fabricating the best hair solution, we cover all the factors to ensure an optimum outcome from the venture.
  • Latest infrastructure and approach
    Our team of experts is always in search for the best techniques researched and implemented throughout the world and perfect them for our customers. It is our dedication that will rejuvenate your looks via exclusive hair replacement solutions.
    Our cosmetic hub is equipped with the latest instruments of the international-grade brands. We also offer personal care, hospitality and individual attention to all our customers.
  • Affordability
    We have brought to the most affordable Hair Replacement solutions with world-class standards. From consultation to the delivery of results, we insist in keeping our customers well-supported. In fact, our affordable solutions also come with expert post-procedure guidance so that you can enjoy the exclusive results for a long span of time.


At Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub we offer you the best quality treatment with help of latest technologies, Advanced procedures, and a dedicated team.This is your one stop solution for all your Skin, Hair problems.


It's one of the best clinics I have ever seen. The staff is very cooperative, quick services and a positive result. My special thanks to them for all these things. I definitely recommend this clinic to everyone and request everyone to visit once. And the last word I want to say " East or West- Impression Skin Hair And Cosmetic Hub IS THE BEST.

Rajesh Choudhary

It was a great experience, the staff and doctors are so co-operative and service was too good. Just had a hair transplant about 2500 grafts. After 10 days got satisfactory results. My hair transplant did before 1 year ago now I have full scalp covered here and I am too happy with my transplant Thank you, doctor, giving me the best service Once again thanks.

Rocks Lifestyle

I got my hair transplant done from this place. Extremely trained professionals and superior results. Happy with the results and cost is reasonable as well.

Ali Khan

When I visited clinic first time, I was very confused whether to really do the hair transplant or not, but the doctor told me everything about the process of hair transplant and she makes sure that you are being taken care of. I got the proper guidelines from her and I followed whatever she said and I got the desired results and I was very happy and still very happy 😊. I would definitely recommend her for hair transplant. Thank you very much.

Nikesh Dedhia

After a few months ago I am so disturbed because of my thin weak hair. I'll imagine my future that time I am going to the depression but thanks to Doctor. She treated me very well and today I am so much confident because of my personality and that all credit goes to mam and hospital. Whole Hospital staff is very caring and so much polite behave with clients.

Anand Thorat


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