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Hair Weaving

Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions or hair weaves, add length and/or fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. 
A hair weave is a human or artificial hair utilized for the integration with one’s natural hair. Weaves can alter one’s appearance for long or short periods of time by adding further hair to one’s natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human or synthetic hairpieces. Weaving additional human or synthetic pieces can enhance one’s hair by giving it volume, length and adding colour without the damage of chemicals or adopting a different hair texture than that of their own.




Hair bonding is a painless and quick way to increase the length of your hair. If you are unhappy with the length of your hair, compatible hair extensions can be added to your existing hair through this non surgical procedure. It can also work as a solution for hair loss conditions. Hair bonding is a comparatively low cost remedy than hair replacement surgery. This non surgical process can also be conducted in hair thinning conditions.Hair bonding is the perfect process for both men and women in need for an immediate hair loss solution. Soft silicon glue is used accurately on the affected areas of your scalp to fix the synthetic hair system.


Glue Patches

Hair patch treatment is quite simple. Individuals who suffer from Alopecia Areata tend to opt for this type of hair restoration procedure. Hair patch treatment is non-surgical, where a patch of hair or a wig/extension is placed in the area where baldness has occurred. Doctors stick the patch of hair with the help of cosmetic glue or even clips. The glue and clips are quite safe and do not lead to allergic reactions on the scalp.

This is quite an effective method of hair restoration, especially for those who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure or do not have the funds for a hair transplant surgery




Clip-in weaves, also known as clip-in hair extensions.A hair weave is human or artificial hair utilized for the integration with one’s natural hair. Weaves can alter one’s appearance for long or short periods of time by adding further hair to one’s natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human or synthetic hairpieces. Weaving additional human or synthetic pieces can enhance one’s hair by giving it volume, length and adding color without the damage of chemicals or adopting a different hair texture than that of their own. However, hair loss can occur either along the front hairline or above the ears due to the wearing of specific hair styles for a prolonged period of time, such as weaves. Such hair loss in known as traction alopecia.


What is hair wig and hair patch?

Hair thinning and baldness are the prime concerns of the modern world population. A person feels extremely uncomfortable when the onlookers stare at him differently. This is where the modern wigs and hair patches can be used in a perfect way.

We, at Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub, offer the best hair patch treatment in Mumbai. Our solutions are totally focused on the condition of an individual patient. Depending on the current condition, a solution is fabricated using the latest techniques. We use world-class hair wigs and hair patches to solve baldness issues.

Hair wigs are designed to cover the bigger bald spots or the head entirely in order to provide a uniform look. A patient, suffering from alopecia universalis or alopecia totalis, will get extremely satisfied from our one-stop hair wig solutions. Hair wigs are preferred

On the contrary, hair patches are used to selectively cover the bald spots. In this case, the experts will note the hair texture and color to prepare the rightly toned hair patches. Our experts fabricate the most compatible solutions to impart a natural look. Our hair patch treatment in Mumbai is the easiest, quickest, and most affordable solution to rejuvenate your natural aura.

Difference between hair wig and patch

Premature hair thinning and baldness are quite embarrassing for the modern-day population. At Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub, we have the ideal non-invasive solution for baldness and hair thinning issues. We use human hair to prepare a righteous solution to cover the bald spots and design a natural look for the patients.

To design a perfect solution, we use international-grade human hair wigs and hair patches. There is a huge difference in hair wigs and hair patches in terms of usage and function.

Hair wigs are used when a patient is suffering from alopecia universalis or alopecia totalis. Hair wig is basically designed to cover the entire head in a defined way so that the patient can enjoy a fuller look.

Hair patches are generally used to cover bald spots. It is a quick solution designed by our experts to cover the bald spots by using scientifically-toned natural human hair.

The difference between hair wigs and patches depends on the area covered. A consultation with us will decide a solution perfectly fitting your case. After discussing the hair wigs and hair patch price, we move forward to design a one-stop solution for our clients. With us, you will enjoy the best baldness solution!

How to apply hair wig?

Putting on a wig or hair patch for man needs practice and mastering the art at every step. Here is how you can ace the daily task in no time.

  • Brush your hair back properly away from your forehead.
  • If your hair is longer, use flat pins. Avoid bulges and bumps. Make sure that all your hair is distributed evenly.
  • You can use a wig liner to ensure more security to your wig. Wig liners are recommended even for all hair lengths too.
  • Use both your hands to hold the back portion of the wig that covers your nape.
  • Tilt a little to move your head forward and downward.
  • Put the wig on at the front first and then continue to your back.
  • First, position the wig a little above the eyebrows and put it on like a winter cap.
  • Settle it down. Hold the ear tabs to position the wig properly on your head.
  • Make sure that you have tucked all the rogue hair strands inside.

Using personalized wigs and hair patch for man designed by our experts will be easier to put on and get ready for a confident day ahead.

How to apply hair patch?

Putting hair patch needs patience. You can easily master the art by following the steps mentioned below.

  • The first step comprises of pinning the cap with the residual hair on your head for better security of the patches. Make sure the bond is properly done so that you can ensure safety of the patches from falling down.
  • Start from the front part of your head first and then move backward.
  • Take care of your hairline. The second step is to ensure that your hairline looks natural.
  • The hair patches will take time to adjust with your natural hair. Make sure that you do not have bulges or bumps due to the residual natural hair on your head.
  • Adjust the hair patches properly. You can also use a comb. In most of the cases, skin-compatible glue is used to ensure safety and proper styling.

The hair patches designed by Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub is ideal to hide bald spots on your head. We provide our exclusive service in exchange for an affordable hair weaving cost in Mumbai. Learn how to apply hair patches from the best experts in town. From now on, boost your confidence with our international-grade natural-looking hair patches!

Benefits of hair wig/patch

With Impression Skin-hair & Cosmetic Hub, you will discover the prime solutions for your baldness. We have a plethora of international-grade solutions for male and female customers suffering from hair thinning and baldness.

The benefits of wearing wigs and hair patches fabricated by our team of experts are mentioned below.

  • All our products use natural human hair for the fabrication of wigs and hair patches.
  • The hair strands will be perfectly matched in terms of color, tone, and texture so that the hair extensions look absolutely natural and compatible to the wearer’s look.
  • It involves no invasive procedure as in hair transplant. The process involves no pain or discomfort or the users.
  • The use of wigs and hair patches is extremely hygienic. These hair accessories can be easily maintained and worn for hours without any discomfort.
  • Any look can be composed or changed over time. It means that you will have the flexibility to change your looks anytime depending on the current trends. It is not a permanent solution. The hair patches and wigs can be altered as per your preferences.

These are the benefits of choosing wigs and hair patches from us. Contact us for more details.

How to care and maintain hair wig and hair patch?

Human hair wigs and hair patches can give you an exceptional service or a long period of time if you take good care of them. There is a specific way to wash the wigs and patches to follow.

  • It is recommended by the experts to wash human hair accessories after a regular use spanning one to two weeks. Frequent washing might ruin the integrity of the masterpieces.
  • Refrain from using styling products much on your hair wigs so that you can extend their lifespan.
  • Comb the hair accessories properly before washing it in order to remove the tangles. Only use wig-compatible combs. If the tangles are stubborn, you can use a spraying conditioner to get rid of them.
  • Hold the wig under the shower’s faucet. Use a hair wig shampoo to rinse it gently from base moving towards the tip. Avoid rubbing, twisting, or wrinkling.
  • Avoid sinking your wig in a basin full of water.
  • Do not apply any conditioner as it might loosen the base of hair strands.
  • You can apply expert-recommended oils to keep its shine.
  • Let your wig dry naturally to lengthen its lifespan.
  • Use gentle styling equipment and always store your wigs on a stand.